Cosmetic Fundamentals

SkinSense Clinic offers advice and education on areas of cosmetics that are important to you.  We give practical, honest opinions on what is achievable and what is not.  There are several fundamentals that are helpful to understand and can apply to everybody.

1. Daily Sunscreen.

The effects of the sun on the skin are:

  • DNA damage >> leads to skin cancer.
  • reduction in the immune system in the skin >> leads to skin cancer.
  • destroys the collagen connecting the skin to the tissue under it >> leads to skin sagging, deeper lines and wrinkles.
  • over stimulates the melanocytes in the skin >> leads to uneven pigmentation over the face.

2. Treat the top layer of the skin

  • The outer most layer of the skin is contains a build up of dead skin cells.  When this layer builds up too much it flakes off large sheets of dead skin cells giving the appearance of dryness.  This thick layer also prevents light from being reflected evenly giving the appearance of dullness.
  • This outer dead skin layer can be removed, leaving healthy skin cells on the surface.  Having healthy cells on the surface holds moisture better and reflects light better, giving the appearance of fresh, vibrant skin.
  • This process is called REFINING.

3. Treat the middle layer of the skin

  • The middle layer of the skin contains the cells that influence the function of the skin.   Think of it as the industrial area of the skin.  It is here that the melanocytes ( pigment producing factory), fibroblasts (collagen producing factory),  Langerhan cells (immune system factory) all live.  
  • Encouraging all these factories to work more normally will improve the structure of the skin, making it thicker, stronger, healthier and have more even skin tone.
  • This process is called REJUVINATION.

4. Treat underneath the skin

  • The under surface of the skin is attached to tissue and muscle.  
  • Overactive muscles will lead to wrinkles.  Overactive muscles are best treated with botulinum injections which temporarily relaxes the muscles, leading to a reduction of fine lines.
  • Loss of the tissue underneath the skin will lead to deeper lines and loss of contours around the cheeks and mouth.  This volume loss is best treated with a dermal filler.

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