Skin Cancer Screening

We use a special computerised skin camera that allows the doctor to look at every skin lesion up to 70 times magnification.  This technology has many benefits:

1) By looking more closely at all lesions we can find the dangerous signs of skin cancer early.

2) Photographs of the magnified lesion can be stored for comparison later allowing earlier detection of changes within a mole.

3) The patient can see what the doctor sees so that they can be educated as to why a lesion is safe or dangerous.

To see how computerised dermatoscopy can benefit you see our skin cancer services page.

We recommend that patients get a whole body scan as opposed to just a few spots.  See our skin cancer myths page to know why.

SkinSense Clinic also utilizes Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) which allows us to treat large areas of sundamage. By treating larger areas of sundamage we can prevent the need for patients to be frequently treated with cryotherapy, which can be painful and leave scarring.

General skin conditions

SkinSense Clinic also has an interest in common skin conditions such as ACNE, ROSACEA and FACIAL RASHES.  Much of the treatment for these skin conditions is an understanding of their processes and education plays an important part.

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