Anti-Wrinkle Injections

In general, lines on the face are divided into dynamic and static lines.  Dynamic lines are those lines on the face that are most noticeable during movement.  Static lines are those lines that are present  when the face is at rest.  Deeper lines on the face often have a static and a dynamic component.  Anti-wrinkle injections of botulinum are great for treating dynamic lines of the face.  


Many muscle of the face are in close contact with the overlying skin.  Hence, when these muscles contract they move the skin above it leading to crinkling. This is most noticeable with the muscles around the eyes, between the eyebrows and forehead.  Often, these muscles work involuntarily, and we do not realise that we may be portraying a particular emotion. For example, frowning is often associated with anger, if someone naturally frowns a lot then it may appear that he or she is constantly angry.  This can be an issue when such an emotion interferes with their job, such as sales or customer relations.  BOTOX is particularly effective in relaxing those muscles so that these unwanted emotions are not portrayed.


Botulinum can also be used to manage excessive sweating which can be useful during important events such as weddings.  Botox is also effective in managing headaches.

Botulinum injections are very safe.  In Australia we are privileged to have only 2 manufacturers of botulinum (BOTOX and DYSPORT).  Together with  a strict TGA, ensures that the product you are receiving is pure and free of contaminants.  Botulinum works by interfering with the nerve signal to the muscle and is fully degraded by the body after 3-4 months.  The advantage of being a temporary relaxant ensures that permanent side effects are extremely rare, and, allows for the treatment to be tailored to the patient as they age naturally.


At SkinSense we encourage a conservative approach to injecting.  It is important to maintain some movement in these muscles as facial expression is very important for communication.  All patients will undergo pre and post injection photos to track the effectiveness of the treatment and to monitor any side effects should they occur.  All injection sites and amounts used are documented and often photographed.  At SkinSense we use preserved saline to dilute the botulinum which results in significantly less pain when injecting.


Anti-wrinkle injections are only one component to maximising an optimal cosmetic outcome.   Visit our Cosmetic Fundamentals page to learn more about getting the most out of your skin.

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