SkinSense Clinic offers a practical approach to cosmetics, with an emphasis on education, maintaining healthy skin and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

Education is a key to maintaining beautiful skin.  There is currently so many skin products making claims to all sorts of benefits, many of which are not proven.  With the wrong product you could be making your skin worse instead of better!  Knowing what you are actually putting on your skin and why will save you time, money and leave more space in your cabinet.  We invite you to bring in all your skin products and learn how they can benefit you.

At SkinSense Clinic we offer the following minimally invasive procedures.  

  • Anti-wrinkle injections using botulinum.  This is an effective way of relaxing facial muscles which is very useful for lines around the eyes and forehead.  Patients use this technique to reduce their worried or angry look, to open there eyes more when they are smiling and reduce the signs of ageing.  Botulinum injections are safe, with minimal side effects, no down time and are not permanent.  To learn more about botulinum injections click here.


  • Dermal fillers are used to re-create lost volume in areas of the face and to treat deeper lines of the face.   Dermal fillers are particularly useful for lines around the mouth, volumising the lip and re-contouring the cheeks.  The fillers used are made from hyaluronic acid which is a natural occurring  moisturiser, hence reactions to the filler are very rare.   To learn more about dermal fillers click here.


  • Medical grade chemical peels are useful for refining the surface of the skin, which leaves the skin feeling much more smooth and looking more fresh.  Chemical peels are very effective in managing acne and treating mild pigmentation.  Our peel system is designed so that the effects of the peel occur over a week.  The advantage of this is that there is no significant down time and patients can often resume their normal life immediately afterwards.  Each patient is assessed and then a particular  group of peels is chosen for that patient.   That way the peel is personalised to suit the patient.  To learn more about our chemical peels click here.


  • Photodynamic therapy is an effective way of treating large areas of sundamage skin.  It has the benefits of rejuvinating and refining the skin.  This can have the effect of making the skin look younger.  It has significant down time and can be an uncomfortable procedure. it is certainly not for everyone and all patients are required to undergo an education session on photodynamic therapy before they are allowed to continue.

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