Photodynamic Therapy

 SkinSense Clinic offers photodynamic therapy to treat large areas of sundamage skin.  Photodynamic therapy(PDT) works by utilising a  photochemical reaction to selectively kill sundamaged cells.  A photo sensitizer is applied to the skin and allowed to incubate for several hours.  After that time the patient is placed under a light source which reacts with the sensitizer and destroys the sundamaged cells.

PDT has been used to treat sundamage for many years but what is new is our ability to treat large areas such as an entire face in one thirty minute session.

PDT has been shown to be very effective in treating sundamaged skin, but it is not for everybody.  The process can be painful and has downtime of about 2 weeks.

All patients considering PDT at SkinSense Clinic must undergo an education session first.

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